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Issue #360 resolved
Martin Dlouhy created an issue


after announcement on community forum I wanted to test our latest ver59 with ROBOTIKA_X2_SENSOR_CONFIG_1 also on new Simple Cave worlds (which are now available on CloudSim). It was supposed to be 5min exploration and it is taking already 8 hours, i.e. it is probably wrong? In the output I see:

[Err] [] Could not resolve file [simple_cave_01.sdf]
[Dbg] [] Loading plugin. Name[ignition::launch::GazeboServer] File[]
[Msg] Recording to [/tmp/ign/logs]
[Msg] Loading SDF world file[].
Error [] Could not find model.config or manifest.xml for the model
Error [] File [] doesn't exist.
[Err] [] Error Code 1 Msg: Unable to read file:
[Dbg] [] Loaded GazeboServer plugin.
[Dbg] [] Loading plugin. Name[subt::CommsBrokerPlugin] File[]
[Dbg] [] Loading visibility_config from SDF:
RF Configuration (visibility-based)
-- visibilityCostToFadingExponent: 0.2
Unable to read [/home/developer/subt_ws/install/share/subt_ign/worlds/] file
[Err] [] Unable to populate visibility graph using path[/home/developer/subt_ws/install/share/subt_ign/worlds/]
[Err] [] Unable to load visibility table data files
-- commsCostMax: 10

which does not look good 😞

Does it mean CloudSim is not updated yet, or we have to rebuild our controller??


Martin/Robotika Team

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  1. Arthur Schang

    Martin, given your score of 1 on the leaderboard for Simple Cave 1 I'm assuming this was a temporary issue during the update and a subsequent submission was successful. If this is incorrect, please reopen this issue and we'll get to the bottom of it.

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