Should SendToBaseStation() return false in case of delivery failure?

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Martin Dlouhy
created an issue

How should the controller recognize that the message was not delivered to Base Station? So far we expected that the return value corresponds to success delivery??

Again the qualification world, extinguisher around (157, 138, -15) - I suppose that it should fail to send the message directly, right?

But it returns true and Base Station did not receive anything: ESC[0m[ INFO] [1545474534.274922683, 483.680000000]: MD SendToBaseStation ESC[0m ESC[0m[ INFO] [1545474534.274977079, 483.680000000]: MD x157.02ESC[0m ESC[0m[ INFO] [1545474534.275003980, 483.680000000]: MD y138.06ESC[0m ESC[0m[ INFO] [1545474534.275016511, 483.680000000]: MD z-15.33ESC[0m ESC[0m[ INFO] [1545474534.275180002, 483.680000000]: MD SUCCESS

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  1. Nathan Koenig

    You won't get a confirmation of message receipt, which is similar to how UDP works. The return value of true means that the message was sent, and does not indicate that the message was delivered.

  2. Martin Dlouhy reporter

    OK, thanks - how can we verify that the message was received by Base Station? If there is no feedback and transmitting the position twice takes points then only (?) "safe" way is to return to the tunnel entry and transmit very close to the Base Station??

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