Issue #44 resolved
Martin Dlouhy
created an issue

Is there a plan to unify names of topics, in particular for robot X3? These are changes from "expected names" to "current names", when we moved from X1 and X2 to X3 (configuration=1):

-  ["/X3/imu/data", "std_msgs/Imu", "imu_data"],
-  ["/X3/front/image_raw/compressed", "sensor_msgs/CompressedImage", "image_data"],
-  ["/X3/x3_velocity_controller/odom", "nav_msgs/Odometry", "odom_data"]
+  ["/X3/imu", "std_msgs/Imu", "imu_data"],
+  ["/X3/camera_front/image_raw/compressed", "sensor_msgs/CompressedImage", "image_data"],
+  ["/X3/odometry_sensor1/odometry", "nav_msgs/Odometry", "odom_data"]

According to it is rather correct for X1 and X2. I am not sure about the odometry, which is not listed in API, i.e. if it is allowed to be used (I hope so).

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