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Important Notice

For catkin workspace users, it's always recommended to run the commands below and rebuild the local workspace after new releases. Make sure also not to install pre-release packages for SubT (e.g. /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gazebo-prerelease.list).

  $ rm -rfv ~/.ignition/fuel/
  $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade libignition*
  $ sudo apt-get install --reinstall ros-melodic-ros1-ign
  $ sudo reboot

  $ cd ~/subt_ws/src/subt
  $ hg pull && hg up -C
  $ cd ~/subt_ws
  $ catkin_make install

End Notice


  • No code changes, only models changes that weren't synced in the previous release.


  • Fixed IMU noise model dt (PR #94).
  • Updated the collision of the ramp tunnel.


  • Add robot_names for all launch files (PR #289).
  • Enable gamma write on color texture in depth camera (PR #193).
  • Allow customizing odometry publish frequency and use sim time to throttle (PR #427).


  • Includes a new script that creates the /tmp/.docker.xauth entry before launching docker-compose.
  • Added three(3) new simple/small tunnel environments for quick development tests (e.g. worldName:=simple_tunnel_01).
  • Updated the development environment and docker-compose documentation.
  • New landing page for the virtual competition submissions.


  • Relocated camera view for the X4 UAV.
  • Added support in DepthCamera for generating RGB XYZ data.
  • Improve the UGVs rotation behavior.


  • Reduced the rate of warning messages generated by the robot_localization node. The messages are saved in ~/.ros/logs/latest/rosout.log file and they should now remain < 1MB size.
  • Updated tunnel meshes onto the Fuel server so LiDAR laser beams don't pass through. It also fixes the inside of the tunnel entrance; which was partially invisible.
  • Added the Docker composer YAML file to allow teams to setup replicates of the cloud simulation locally for the SubT Virtual Testbed.


This release includes the fixes/changes below, installation instructions here.

  • All cameras now publish compressed topics.
  • New behavior for repeated artifact reports by only counting unique reports; which is composed by concatenating the report type and its location.
  • Score files are updated at start and at every artifact report; which guarantees that information is not lost.
  • A very useful tool is now included with this release that allows to find and visualize artifacts in the practice worlds, details here.
  • Fixed the issue with inside of the tunnel entrance being partially invisible (catkin installations need to clear their local model: rm -rf ~/.ignition/fuel).
  • The tutorial describing how to use /subt/pose_from_artifact_origin service, has been updated. (hint: useful as solution template)
  • API documentation has been updated with the latest changes.


  • Moved artifact origin to center of tunnel entrance.
  • Increased UGV battery-like to ~90 min.
  • Added custom roll_pitch_yawrate_thrust_controller_node.
  • Fixed level width in practice worlds.
  • Fixed level size and position for tunnel circuit practice world 01 and 03 practice_world_levels.
  • Remove the ros1 ign point cloud plugin, and replaces the functionality with the ros1 ign bridge.
  • Added headless option to launch files headless_option.
  • Removed ROS from CommsBroker remove_ros_from_commsbroker.
  • Fixed RenderingAPIException: Couldn`t open X display.
  • Documentation has been updated accordingly to reflect these changes.


  • New docker image is available on DockerHub.
  • Performance has improved by turning levels for the practice worlds On/Off, as the vehicle moves through tunnel sections. The performance is now 6x time faster.
  • The battery model now has a topic that reports the state and message type.
  • Deadlocks are now fixed.

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