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System Requirements for Running SubT

Software package versions

This section describes library versions required for SubT. You can verify the state of your local system using the dpkg -l command. For example, to see the version of ignition-gazebo installed on your system run:

dpkg -l | grep ignition-gazebo

Or, to see all the ignition libraries:

dpkg -l | grep ignition*

Note: ROS Melodic is used for all SubT Circuits and the final.

Tunnel Circuit

  • ign-math 6.4.0
  • ign-rendering 2.0.0
  • ign-sensors 2.2.0
  • ign-gazebo 2.3.0
  • ign-launch 1.2.0
  • ros-melodic-ros1-ign 0.3.1
  • ros1-ign-bridge 0.3.1
  • osrf/subt tunnel_circuit branch

In order to run SubT we recommend your computer has:

  • Modern multi-core CPU, e.g. Intel Core i5
  • 8 Gb of RAM
  • Discrete Graphics Card, e.g. Nvidia GTX 650
  • Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 Bionic (64-bit)
  • Ignition Blueprint
  • ROS Melodic

The system setup tutorial details the recommended process for installing Gazebo, ROS and SubT.

We also recommend having a gamepad for testing when driving the default robots around in the simulated world. In the examples we use a Logitech F310 (Walmart).