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subt / tunnel_environment


Tunnel environments can be constructed from a set of tiles. Each tile represents a small portion of tunnel. The following show each of the tunnel tile options, and more will be added over time.

tunnel_tile1-small.jpg tunnel_tile2-small.jpg tunnel_tile3-small.jpg tunnel_tile4-small.jpg tunnel_tile5-small.jpg tunnel_tile6-small.jpg tunnel_tile7-small.jpg

Provided environments

Two complete tunnel environments are provided named tunnel_practice_1 and tunnel_practice_2. These environments can be run from the command line using the scenario roslaunch parameter. For example, the following will launch the tunnel_practice_1 environment.

roslaunch subt_gazebo competition.launch scenario:=tunnel_practice_1


Approximate length of 940m.



Approximate length of 2740m.


Create your own

You can create your own environment by stitching together tunnel tile segments in a new world file. We recommend building off of a working example. Try copying the file, and modify the tunnel_tile_X includes within.