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Tutorials for the DARPA Subterranean Challenge (SubT)

Important Notice

Gazebo9 based simulation is now on the gazebo9 branch of this repository. The default branch contains code for Ignition based simulation

End Notice

We recommend following the tutorials in numerical order. At the end of these tutorials you will be familiar with Gazebo, ROS, and how to use SubT.


You have two options for installing the SubT software. Option 1 installs from source using a catkin workspace, and Option 3 uses a Docker container.

  1. Catkin workspace install: Install the latest SubT code on your Ubuntu host. The latest code, from this repository, may be unstable.

  2. Docker container install: Create a Docker container on your Linux host and install ROS, Gazebo and latest SubT repository within the container. Use this option if you are using the same host for many development projects that make use of different software environments.


  1. Example Setup: A tutorial for controlling an example robot team in a tunnel environment using a joystick.

  2. Custom control: Create your own controller for a robot.

  3. Team configuration: This tutorial describes how to choose the composition of your team.

  4. Rviz: Using Rviz to visualize sensor data.

  5. Hello World: A set of helpful components to get started with the DARPA SubT Virtual Challenge.

  6. Battery Model: Documentation on how batteries are modeled in SubT.


  1. World Generation: A tutorial for creating and launching SubT worlds.

  2. Add lights to your robots.

Qualifications & Submissions

  1. Portal Registration: How to register your team on the SubT Portal.

  2. Tunnel Circuit Qualification Guide: Instructions on how to complete and submit results for a qualification.

  3. Cloudsim for Tunnel Qualification: Instructions on how to submit a solution to Cloudsim for the Tunnel Qualification.