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This tutorial explains how to spawn multiple robots for your team composition in the SubT simulation. Notice that teams are not allow to spawn their own robots. Instead, teams must choose from four(4) robot types and their defined payload configurations.

Before you proceed, make sure that you have followed the Custom Control tutorial and you already have a controller for your robot(s).

To compose a team of robots, arguments need to be passed to the ign launch file. The arguments are: robotNameX and robotConfigX (where X can range from 1 to 20). Any value can be assigned to the robotNameX argument, but it needs to be unique for each robot. For the robotConfigX argument, the value assigned should be one of the configuration strings from this list.

The command below shows how to spawn four robot types with their respective payload configurations:

ign launch -v 4 virtual_stix.ign robotName1:=X1 robotConfig1:=X1_SENSOR_CONFIG_1 robotName2:=X2 robotConfig2:=X2_SENSOR_CONFIG_1 robotName3:=X3 robotConfig3:=X3_SENSOR_CONFIG_1 robotName4:=X4 robotConfig4:=X4_SENSOR_CONFIG_1


The next example shows how to spawn two of the same robot configurations:

ign launch -v 4 virtual_stix.ign robotName1:=X1 robotConfig1:=X2_SENSOR_CONFIG_1 robotName2:=X2 robotConfig2:=X2_SENSOR_CONFIG_1


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