Virtual RobotX (VRX)

This repository is the home to the source code and software documentation for the VRX Competition. The repository includes a set of Gazebo simulation elements and examples to support development of RobotX systems. Information about the competition, including registration, tasks and technical guidance documents, is available at the RobotX VRX main page.

This is an active development project. We are adding and improving things all the time. The project contains a simulation foundation, including an environment similar to the RobotX venue and description of the WAM-V platform. It is intended as a first step for teams that would then extend the tools for their specific development needs.


Getting Started

  • Watch the Release 0.2 Highlight Video
  • The VRX Wiki provides documentation and tutorials.
  • The instructions assume a basic familiarity with the ROS environment and Gazebo. If these tools are new to you, we recommend starting with the excellent ROS Tutorials


The simulation tools under active development to support the RobotX teams. We are starting simple with the important fundamental aspects of the robot and environment, but will rely on the community to develop additional functionality around their particular use cases.

If you have any questions about these topics, or would like to work on other aspects, please contribute. You can contact us directly (see below), submit an issue or, better yet, submit a pull request!


We continue to receive important improvements from the community. We have done our best to document this on our Contributors Wiki.