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Important: This project has been moved to git and GitLab:

Please make all patch submissions and bug reports on the new repository. This Bitbucket repository is only kept for the sake of history.

This project updated the build system for Lugaru to use CMake.

Our focus now is fixing bugs, cleaning up the code, and introducing non-intrusive features into the codebase.


At this point, the following new features have been added to the codebase:

  1. Support for stereoscopic rendering (for anaglyph displays and 3D monitors), off by default
  2. Damage bar, off by default but can be enabled in options menu

The currently available binaries do not have these features built into them. You will need to compile the game from source to get these features at this time.

You can clone the source code with the following command:

$ hg clone

Alternatively, you can use SourceTree or another tool to do it.