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Removes unused imports

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 import traceback
-import sys
-from StringIO import StringIO
 def replace_error_handler():
     warnings.warn = wrapper(warnings.warn)
-from invenio.webinterface_handler_wsgi import SimulatedModPythonRequest, \
-                                              SERVER_RETURN, \
-                                              register_exception, \
-                                              is_mp_legacy_publisher_path, \
-                                              mp_legacy_publisher, \
-                                              CFG_WSGI_SERVE_STATIC_FILES, \
-                                              invenio_handler, \
-                                              OK, \
-                                              DONE, \
-                                              alert_admin_for_server_status_p, \
-                                              generate_error_page, \
-                                              is_static_path
     from invenio.webinterface_handler_flask import create_invenio_flask_app
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