This is an adapter package for using HUnit tests with MuCheck. To use it, checkout mucheck in another directory and do from the root of mucheck-hunit

$ cabal sandbox init
$ cabal sandbox add-source ../mucheck
$ cabal install --dependencies-only
$ cabal configure
$ cabal build

You can also reuse the premade cabal sandbox from mucheck if you have already installed it

$ cabal sandbox init --sandbox ../mucheck
$ cabal configure
$ cabal build

Using it.

$ cabal repl
> :l src/Main.hs
> :m + Test.MuCheck.TestAdapter
> :m + Test.MuCheck.TestAdapter.HUnit
> mucheck (toRun "Examples/HUnitTest.hs" :: HUnitRun) [] >>= return . fst

If you have the HPC tix file, then

> mucheck (toRun "Examples/HUnitTest.hs" :: HUnitRun) "sample-test.tix" >>= return . fst