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 * File creation,
-* File rename/delete,
+* File delete,
 * File modification.
 The events provided may depend on the host operating system.
-Initially support is aimed at Windows machines, but hopefully this will be 
+Initially support is aimed at Windows machines, but this may be 
 extended to other platforms as need arises.
+Source code
+The source code lives at: 
+You will need to have the pywin32_ extensions installed.
+Grab a copy of the source code, and run the usual:
+``python setup.py install``
+A small test module is included (in the ``dirwatch/test`` directory). 
+It currently assumes the dirwatch module is importable.
+Dirwatch has grown a bit *too* organically, out of small experiments with ``ReadDirectoryChangesW()``, and 
+is still at quite a "works for me" level of quality. Hopefully this will 
+improve with time. 
+That said, feel free to point out any problems, or give suggestions on how to do things
+Either log the bug/idea with the `issue tracker`_, send a bitbucket pull request for your changes, 
+or just shoot me an email.
+.. _pywin32: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pywin32
+.. _`issue tracker`: http://bitbucket.org/otherchirps/dirwatch/issues