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-You will need to have the pywin32_ extensions installed.
+You will need to have the pywin32_ extensions installed, and at least python 2.6.
+The demo and tests currently need at least python 2.7 to run. 
+If there's any interest, I'll happily backport or accept patches.
 request for your changes, or just shoot me an email.
+See also
+If what we see here doesn't fit your tastes, you might want to look over at:
+That is a python library which provides a similar service, but does it via a 
+proper C extension, and implementing a well-defined, known interface (the
+``FileSystemWatcher`` from C#).
+If that library was available when I began writing dirwatch, I probably wouldn't 
+have started. :)  But as it didn't and I did, I offer up dirwatch in case it helps solve, or 
+at least provide a different angle, on any shared problems.
 .. _pywin32:
 .. _`issue tracker`:

File doc/usage.txt

+Here's a sample using dirwatch to watch one or more directories for new files appearing.
+.. literalinclude:: ../demo/
+   :encoding: latin-1