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C Krooß
created an issue

Hi, I made this german translation. Hope it helps.

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  1. otsug repo owner

    Thank you, I will add this in the next version, I will add more things too, so I will send the difference to you before I launch, OK? like the string in the option for notify-send.

  2. otsug repo owner

    I attached the new translation for Yapan 0.4, NEW_de_DE.ts, I don't think I will change more texts, I am only testing now. If you don't want to maintain the translation up to date let me know. Thank you.

  3. otsug repo owner

    Sorry about that, I thought my program would only 200 lines and for me, so I never created a repository and I did not plan anything... I will think in a better system to do that... you can download ForTranslators.tar.gz for tests. I have to learn how this opensource thing works with contributions...

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