Mute only works while sound playing

Issue #5 resolved
C Krooß
created an issue

Mute toggles audioOutput->setMuted(true), but this only works when there is a sound playing.

Reproduce:\ Start yapan, click mute, find update -> Sound plays\ Click mute while the sound plays -> Yapan is muted

Same for unmuting.

My suggestion would be to use a variable "mute" and put "if(!mute)" around the whole sound-part. On the other hand, I don't know anything about Qt and C++ ^^

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  1. otsug repo owner

    I can't reproduce that in the current Yapan and I don't modified this part... I clicked in mute and no sound in update(I clicked before sync, so no sounds playing) and no sound in test sound too, if I unmute they work and I clicked again and no sound in the two, I am missing something?

    audioOutput is used by all the sounds played, if I set audioOutput muted no sound will be play.

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