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openbox and yapan

krax valdez
created an issue

I use openbox and after I synchronized the Yapan. But after that the Yapan shows updates available and update button. if i push the button or choose update from right-click menu of Yapan systray icon; it just start synchronizing again ,

I have lilyterm xterm and urxvt installed. and the configuration of YAPAN is as followed.

update command to call:


dbus-launch urxvt --noclose -e bash -c "%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---"



[code]fakeroot pacman -Syy --dbpath /tmp/yapan/ &> /dev/null[/code]

list packageto update

[code]pacman -Qqu --dbpath /tmp/yapan/ [/code]


[code] pacman -Syu --dbpath /tmp/yapan[/code]

Could you help me with that?

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  1. Anonymous

    dbus-launch urxvtc -hold -e bash -c "su -l root -c '%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---'"

    I have the same issue using the command above, unless i uncheck Synchronize after update.

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