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Issue #9 invalid

icewm + yapan + yaourt

created an issue

I am using yaourt version 1.01 with yapan version 0.4.1. My issue is:

When I get am update notification appears, however pacman does turn to a ghost. But the only way that I can update is by right-mouse clicking and choosing update.

It will get greatly appreciated if someone can help me in this matter.


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  1. otsug repo owner

    Hi, can you send me the commands you are using on yapan? and please copy and paste on a terminal to see if they are working too, because I do not have icewm installed.

  2. amcollie reporter

    The commands are as follows:

    Update Command to call:

    dbus-launch xterm -hold -e bash -c "%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---"

    I am using pacman instead of yaourt because yaourt -Syy requires elevated priviledges. Even if called from the commandline. However, even if yaourt -Sy is put in suoder using the group wheel it still asked for password.


    fakeroot pacman -Syy --dbpath /tmp/yapan/ &> /dev/null

    List packages to update:

    yaourt -Qqua --dbpath /tmp/yapan/


    yaourt -Sua --dbpath /tmp/yapan

    The synchronize, list packages to update and Update commands work. When thare new updates pacman turn to the red ghost but there is no notification (with the list of updates and the button to start the update). It is just that there is to update other than to right-mouse click on yapan.

  3. amcollie reporter

    Here is the output from the commandline:

    QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.
    Status: Synchronizing...
    Status: Updates available! You have 2 package(s) out of date!
    Setting new source 
    New source:  QUrl( "file:///usr/share/yapan/sounds/yapan.ogg" )  
    Transitioning to state "playing" 
    State change 
    Moving from "null" 0 to "ready" 1 
    State change 
    Moving from "ready" 1 to "paused" 4 
    Stream changed to file:///usr/share/yapan/sounds/yapan.ogg 
    About to finish 
    State change 
    Moving from "paused" 4 to "playing" 2 
    Transitioning to state "ready" 
    State change 
    Moving from "playing" 2 to "paused" 4 
    State change 
    Moving from "paused" 4 to "ready" 1 
    Transitioning to state "ready" 
    Setting new source 
    New source:  QUrl( "" )    

    Hopes this helps.

  4. amcollie reporter

    I think I found the problem, when I change my notification daemon from notification-daemon to mate-notification-daemon now the notification appears with the update button.

  5. otsug repo owner

    Hmm, good, I was trying to do a research about icewm, but I think icewm don't have by default a notification like that, because I am using the standard notification calls, you can use notify-osd too, but this do not have the update button I think, another thing you can use the middle button of mouse to call update too.

    So I will set this bug as invalid... if is another thing I change again.

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