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Yapan description

Yet Another Package mAnager Notifier.

Written in C++ and Qt. Shows an icon in the system tray and popup notifications for new packages.

  • Features:
    • Check for updates periodically (default 15 minutes)
    • You can use with pacman, pacman-color, yaourt, clyde or any other package manager
    • Play sound when update is available using phonon (only if you want)
    • Option to switch off the sound for a specified period of time
    • High customizable, change icons, sounds, volume, time, language, notification timeout, etc...
    • Supports defining a "connection check" command which determines if the user is connected to the internet
    • Uses sudo only to run pacman -Sy, therefore you only need to give password-less permission to this command
    • Timer stop, you can stop Yapan for a specified period of time
    • Left-click to synchronize, Middle-click to update
    • Middle-click restart Yapan when paused
    • Kill current process
    • Last synchronization date and/or time in system tray tooltip
    • Configuration file in home directory (.yapan)
    • And many other options...
    • Languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian and Bulgarian.

Yapan uses these specifications for icons and notifications:



Yapan Stopped

Update Available!

Update Available!

Update Available!

Yapan terminal configuration

Yapan by default is configured to use konsole, you can change this by changing the command "Update command to call" in:
Settings -> Package manager
Do not erase "%1", it is replaced by "Update" command.

Gnome users (thanks DIDI2002):

dbus-launch gnome-terminal -x bash -c "%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---"
dbus-launch gnome-terminal -x bash -c "su -l root -c '%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---'"

Openbox users (thanks ancleessen4):

dbus-launch urxvt -e bash -c "%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---"
dbus-launch urxvt -e bash -c "su -l root -c '%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---'"

XFCE users (thanks chr0nik):

dbus-launch xterm -hold -e bash -c "%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---"
dbus-launch xterm -hold -e bash -c "su -l root -c '%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---'"

KDE users:

dbus-launch konsole --nofork --noclose -e bash -c "%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---"
dbus-launch konsole --nofork --noclose -e bash -c "su -l root -c '%1; echo && echo --- Finished ---'"

I strong suggest to not close the terminal when update is finished automatically, some updates require more commands.

sudo configuration

Not needed anymore default configuration is using fakeroot now

You need to give passwordless sudo access to the "pacman -Sy" command or other package manager of your taste, for the user that will be running Yapan. To give access specifically for that command you should edit your /etc/sudoers file to include the following line:

%wheel ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/pacman -Sy


%wheel ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/yaourt -Sy

for example.

Which will give access to said command to every user under the "wheel" group. A similar configuration can be achieved for just a specific user replacing the "%wheel" by the name of your user.


  • 0.4.3
    • *Reverted instance check file from "/tmp/yapan/yapan.lock" to "/tmp/yapan.lock"
  • 0.4.2
    • + Added "Package manager temporary lock file" configuration
    • * Default configurations changed
    • * Fixed bug not showing pacman already running
    • * Changed instance check file from "/tmp/yapan.lock" to "/tmp/yapan/yapan.lock"
    • - Removed message sync in 0 min
  • 0.4.1
    • + Added Italian and Bulgarian translations thanks to Tommaso and radostin
    • * Fix some interface issues
    • * Changed the way that Yapan handle single application
    • * Others small bugs fixed
    • - Removed the sudo dependency in default configuration
  • 0.4
    • + Added Log
    • + Added Spanish, German, French and Russian translations thanks to beticucho, didi2002, garions and aurumix
    • + Autodetect system language
    • + Added option to show "Last sync" in system tray tooltip
    • + Added option to show "Sync in" in system tray tooltip
    • + Added notify-send(libnotify) as optional notification
    • + Warning non KDE users about change in terminal
    • - Removed version of packages in notification
    • * Synchronize after upgrade instead of verify packages available to update
    • * Changes in the Settings GUI
    • * Restore Default in Settings now only restore settings in current tab
    • * Yapan default sound converted to ogg
    • * Changed offline and update icons
    • * Fixed possible bug in Timer Stop
    • * Fixed mute
    • * Fixed timer when yapan is offline
    • * Fixed first tab click in settings
    • * Fixed kill process
    • * Fixed sound not closing in pulseaudio
    • * Others bugs fixed
  • 0.3.1
    • + Added option to disable notification
    • * Decreased the probability of icon not appear in system tray(KDE or Qt bug...)
    • * Default update icon only repeat 10 times
    • * ToolTip in system tray more descriptive
    • * Changed some translations
    • * Others small bugs fixed
  • 0.3
    • + Added option to show only the number of packages out of date in notification
    • * Big internal changes in the code
    • * Default icons changed (thanks to amirs)
    • * Better gif detection
    • * Better translation handling
    • * Fix the animation bug (sometimes the gif is not updated)
    • * Changed some translations
    • * Many performance improvements
    • * Many small bugs fixed
  • 0.2
    • + Added action to kill current process
    • + Middle-click restart Yapan when paused
    • + Last synchronization date and/or time in system tray tooltip
    • + If notification maximum items is set to 0 all updates available will be shown
    • * Changed online and stopped icons for better look in KDE monochromatic system tray
    • * Default sound altered for another small sound, less intrusive
    • * Modified some translations
    • * Small bug fix, read settings before set icons
  • 0.1
    • Initial release