Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
newuserme avatarnewuserme
Changing the title. Removing the two hellos from a previous user, Hussien. I'm
climgogo avatarclimgogo
I want to commit my change (adding one more quote from jordan)
Default avatar
Changed my name and added a row
erimerturk avatarerimerturk
herhalde buraya mesaj
Nicolas Venegas avatarNicolas Venegas
Make images point to relative directory.
Nicolas Venegas avatarNicolas Venegas
Bill Hicks!
Default avatar Mary Anthony
rewrote the intro a bit
Default avatar Mary Anthony
fixing the image file
Default avatar mary anthony
Adding in a an image of LCK & a <base> tag
Default avatar mary anthony
Fixing some HTML in my lovely quote.
Default avatar Mary Anthony
fixing the title
Default avatar Mary Anthony
adding the files for the first iteration
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