Linux distribution lacks soft links so.6.2.1 files

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Issue #13 resolved
Fredrik Johansson created an issue

i.e. all Linux native * files are missing, which are needed on some platforms.

This must be a bug in INSTALL4J, somehow.

when you add soft links to the respective file in natives/, OVT works fine on Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS

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  1. Fredrik Johansson reporter

    I have a sneaky suspicion that this is due to the compression in install4J

    (General settings -> Media file options -> compression).

    Usually, some compression commands would replace symbolic links with the actual file, or completely disregard them. And since this is some third party tool, I'm not sure we can configure the compression as we want.

    To check if this is the case, try building an OVT distribution with no compression.

  2. Erik Johansson

    Disabling compression in install4j does not seem to solve the problem. Symbolic links are still lost everytime I try and it does seem like a bug in install4j.

    As I understand Linux' shared objects/.so files, the .so files are used for linking (when compiling), and the .so.x files are used when running binaries. Hence the .so files should be unnecessary. Experimenting with just renaming .so files to *.so.1 and seems to work.

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