_Likely_bug_: Repeating error message/popup at OMNI2 network or I/O error (e.g. at launch)

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Issue #23 resolved
Erik Johansson created an issue

Likely_bug: OMNI2 network or I/O error triggers multiple error popups. For OMNI2 network error, this leads to multiple connection attempts each with its own timeout (i.e. delay) leading to a long combined wait. Could happen at launch since initializing requires looking for OMNI2 data.

Could be related to the similar bug when encountering missing data in OMNI2, issue #20.

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  1. Erik Johansson reporter

    Resolved by (1) removing error popup (only displaying error message in text field) and (2) having extra checkbox to enable/disable extra OMNI2 calls only used for displaying raw OMNI2 values.

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