Mac: Black layer around magnetopause

Issue #27 resolved
C. Philippe Escoubet created an issue

Sometimes black layer around magnetopause when moving in phi (like if we would see magnetopause from tail (large white circle and black circle around)

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  1. Erik Johansson

    I have so far not been able to reproduce this bug (Mac OS, ovt_macos_3_0_build6_BETA_commitf77d00b_2015-11-20.dmg). What do you mean by "when moving in phi"?

  2. C. Philippe Escoubet reporter

    Here are my steps: 1. load a state file using Cluster ltof for 2016-06-04 02:00:00 for 2d 6h and 10 min step with magnetopause around 60% opacity 2. time of the s/c position is 2016-06-04 15:40. 3. Open view control and put R=80, delta=0, View-up =0 and move phi, we get the black circle at phi=0 and 360

  3. Erik Johansson

    The effect is not a bug but due to a confusing projection/angle. Can be seen when using Perspective and enabling magnetopause (Surface (not wireframe), 0%<opacity<100%) and looking at the Earth along the magnetopause symmetry axis from upstreams. At the right range of distances, the curvature of the magnetopause makes some rays from/to the camera cross the mangetopause twice, which is represented by a darker color compared to rays which only cross the magnetopause once.

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