Issue #4 wontfix
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I rotate the scene by some angle, and then click "next" to go to next time step, and the camera gets reset to the original "view from X" setting.

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  1. Fredrik Johansson

    Temporary work around: Press the camera symbol (View Control), click "reset" and choose a target in the "To" list . A bugfix here should be easy.

  2. Erik Johansson

    This has bugged me too, but judging from the implementation, this is NOT A BUG but how it is supposed to work. Rather, this seems to be a case of unintuitive GUI (i.e. "It is not a bug, it is a feature").

    "From" and "To" under "Options" --> "View Control" defines where the camera is and what the focal point is when changing/updating the scene, e.g. changing time. Using "Custom" for "From" or "To means that the camera position (relative to the focal point) or focal point will be constant.

    I have changed the default for "From:" to "Custom" meaning that until the user changes the setting, the camera direction will not change when e.g. changing the time. The default "To" setting is still "Earth" which means the camera will still return to following the Earth if it points at something else (until the user changes the corresponding "To" setting).

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