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Run all unit tests:

python -m unittest discover -v

Test coverage:

clear old data: python -m coverage erase
generate info: python -m coverage run -m unittest discover
simple report: python -m coverage report -m
html report: python -m coverage html -d coverage_html


  • Rename: 'type' -> '???'

  • return_type=ast.NodeIdentifier('Integer') ??? NodeType!

  • Table.current_indent_level

  • qualifiedIdentifier: module.submodule.Class.Subclass

  • generics

  • varargs

  • var testArray Array[Int](1, 2, 3)

  • qualifiedIdentifier: x.a.c

  • switch expr { case dfgd {} }

  • var myClosure = func() { killAllHumans() }

  • nested funcs

  • pep8, pylint, pyflakes

  • try to use verbose test names:

    def test_that_a_player_cannot_move_into_an_already_occupied_board_cell(self): pass
    def test_corectness_of_verify_win_combinations_3(self): pass
    def test_that_parsed_response_contains_status_key(self): pass


Print lexems:

for tok in lexer:
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