compdata / .hgtags

9a122ab1e6fa3f68d356da86bb88717b8810d56c version_0.2
5c0df212601e82ecbeedd0f0f0b8f5930a6c9827 version_0.3
f40cd3c3817d1ec1b8e6f749b1ba93dfee28eab7 version_0.4
7436ac39ee3419b147a886200a528b4d7fbff1b0 version_0.4.1
d43e6597e3960b7030dc1518102775939410100e version_0.5
18494633bf68cbb85ef5e3279dac83569dcd8068 version_0.5.1
df34f596054b1b63e67287c29dbf6254d5ec2a03 version_0.5.2
8a6362c5b5cb58e2472f1893fef8078ee3a440e0 version_0.5.3
52392405c92f98de8c33d1b7d84a1b22627c24a2 version_0.6
a92801822132a33201ff229a60ad0cc9e55756de version_0.6.1
f4d9e2fb96848a92d006631a3c48ef68f4b55956 version_0.6.1.1
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