equivalence / equivalence.cabal

Name:            equivalence
Version:         0.1
License:         BSD3
License-File:    LICENSE
Author:          Patrick Bahr <paba@diku.dk>
Maintainer:      Patrick Bahr <paba@diku.dk>
Synopsis:        Maintaining an equivalence relation implemented as union-find using STT.
  This is an implementation of Tarjan's Union-Find algorithm (Robert
  E. Tarjan. "Efficiency of a Good But Not Linear Set Union
  Algorithm", JACM 22(2), 1975) in order to maintain an equivalence
  This implementation is a port of the /union-find/ package using the
  ST monad transformer (instead of the IO monad).
Category:        Algorithms, Data
Stability:       provisional
Build-Type:      Simple
Cabal-Version:   >= 1.6

    base >= 4 && < 5, containers, mtl, STMonadTrans
  Hs-Source-Dirs: src
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