Author Commit Message Date
Pablo Castellano
Fixed bug in topbar (by Andurino).
Pablo Castellano
Fixed typo in Spanish translation
fix cat group invite message.
fix formatting for br
branch merge
improve forum to email formatting for li and br
added most portuguese translation
fix owner for invisible group on pages/index
fix group tag search
fix css and icon urls so they can be reverse cached easion to the microtheme selector and go back to group view when editing a microtheme from a group theme selector.
fix swapped title and description on group search and sanitize some input
fix bug where editing topic changes owner of last post
fix oveflowing for content region relative to sidebar sizing
fix container on pad pages
dont show child of if group has no parent
dont show child of if group has no parent
better formatting
add parent information on subgroups.
add parent information on subgroups.
remove Auth library bundled with openid_server since its not working properly.
better fix for legend box placement
move etherpad annoying legend box to the right
undo 7e20678ea8ab since it wasnt the proper fix for d934889bd493
do not allow setting circular subgroups
fix canEdit check when entity has no container.
fix group icon misses
remove infamous sky question from registration
fix incorrectly applied
fix blog archive.
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