Middle click on item opens it in a new tab.

#64 Merged at 86515fa
  1. Alexandre Garnier

In order to stick to the old RIL extension behavior, and to do so before the dreaded FF57 lands, this is an attempt to have the items behave like good old 'a' links, especially with the middle click.

Note: as a side effect, this disables middle click scrolling in the popup (given that general.autoScroll is set to true in about:config); a lead to avoid this side effect might consist on changing items’ inline elements from 'span' to 'a' nodes.

Comments (3)

  1. Pierre-Adrien Buisson repo owner

    Thanks for the PR! It works like a charm and I'll merge this right now. I might refactor a bit and fallback to regular click event instead (auxclick has only been introduced in FF 53 and ~10% of the addon users wouldn't be able to use this according to the addons usage statistics) but other than this, it works great and it makes sense to implement this, I think. I'm used to the "open in a new tab" setting so I don't personally need this but still, it might be nice for people used to the old official addon.

    Thanks a lot for the contribution. By the way, shall I credit you as bobi32 or "Alexandre Garnier"?