Tom Rudick

Internet Explorer Search Shortcuts

Allows configuration of "search shortcuts" for Internet Explorer. Essentially, allows you to create keywords for search engines that allows for faster searching through IE.


GPS but for recipes!


Turn regular text into BigText!


Save links to read later.


A Windows Phone 7 tip calculator with BillMonk integration


Example Google App Engine application. Allows users to add a book title to a list of books and then up vote or down vote books on that list.


Assigntu is meant to provide a means to make quick todo lists and assign items to friends. Users don't have to sign up for anything to use this service.

Yelp! Operator Script

I wrote this quick script to show how easy it was to add functionality to the Operator Firefox extension during a talk I gave on microformats. Given an adr microformat, this script adds a "Lookup Nearby Restaurants on Yelp!" action.

Bing Gadget

A OSX Dashboard gadget used for quickly searching Bing from the dashboard.