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I've had serious DLNA problems with my router (RT-N56U) with the original Asus Firmware, but after 3 months using Padavan never want to get back to original Firmware. My doutb is, my router is getting older and I wish to buy I new one, but it seems the "newest" Padavam supports is RT-N65. Can Padavam support newer Asus routers (Rt-ac68u, Rt-ac87u or others)?

Sorry I have created this in wrong place.

Thank you

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  1. Andy Padavan repo owner

    Newest and best middle-cost device from ASUS is RT-N56U_B1.

    SoC MT7621S (1 core, 2 threads) 880MHz, L2 cache, DDR3. HW_NATv2 (TCP/UPD/IPv6/SIT offload)
    WiFi 5GHz chip MT7612E with 2T2R 11ac (887Mbps).

    RT-N65U is old device and has HW defects.

    Broadcom-based devices is unsupported and not planned.

  2. toza

    Too bad about the broadcom, this firmware is the best out there and broadcom devices are much more popular and higher spec

  3. Andy Padavan repo owner

    I don't like BCM.

    • Very inefficient (slack offload, more software processing)
    • Very hot and more power consumption
    • Very enclosed (hidden docs and other materials, no sources, binary blobs, old kernel)

    Binary blobs - it is very restrictive, always stagnate in one place.

    Fokk BCM.

  4. toza

    Hahah yes !! true, but the only decent routers that have USB 3.0 and removable antennas (helps alot with distance). I use the xioami mini with padavan and love it but reception sucks at high distance and the 128mb of RAM gets eaten up when i transfer anything from smb. Is there any routers really good with high ram and CPU ?

    Also i find ASUS tends to have shitty overheating but the Netgear R7000 is significantly better running shibby tomato CPU is 58C

  5. toza

    Also for some reason WEP is not listed as one of the authentication options for the Wireless ISP in Bridge

  6. Andy Padavan repo owner

    Mi mini is ugly duck - slow CPU, no giga-switch, 5GHz Radio w/o ext amplifiers. But very cheap.

  7. toza

    i know lol but my old hotspot is using that because it piece of shit with low cpu.

    So do you anticipate any usb 3.0 routers ? and whats the best supported device for smb shares?

  8. Andy Padavan repo owner

    MT7621 supported very fast USB3 port, SMB reads up to 100MB/s.

    But USB3 has interference on 2.4 band and crap to all channels.

  9. toza

    shit, so there no practical way to do this because USB 3.0 creates interference on all routers or just that chip has a bad implementation?

    i am trying to get a decent transfer speed from usb.

    From USB2.0 Flash drive: - On the xiaomi mini/padavan 5ghz i get about 1MB/s - didnt know 5Ghz shit had no amp - On R7000/Tomato on 5GHz with external antennas i get 15MB/s - probably the flash drive max , also on Tomato the paragon NTFS driver makes a big difference.

    What are the biggest factors besides interference , is it CPU or RAM ?

  10. toza

    yeah in NYC is a saturated neighborhood, over 40 2.4GHz hotspots and plenty of 5GHz too

    So i have to enable RTS/CTS to get anything decent.. also not sure why but also client separation helps a bit On Tomato there is something called " Interference Mitigation: Auto" also helps a lot. If it wasn't for that my 50Mbps internet turns into 5Mbps :)

    10MB/s .....? i had AC68U with stock, DDwrt, Tomato and i 've never seen over 10Megabytes/s rate until i switched to R7000 and AC68U used to heat up like a mofo to 93C

  11. toza

    anyway thanks for the firmware, good stuff ... if you change your mind on the broadcom and drop that asus logo .. could be the market leader :)

  12. johan.bernhardsson

    I'm using padavan for n56u and some others and Merlin for ac68 and newer builds. Merlin doesn't offer anything for the old and slower Asus and padavan doesn't have for the faster broadcom :)

    Both firmwares works loads better than Asus own.

  13. Toast

    Merlin still builds on ASUS and it has and old shitty kernel 2.x just think its sad that it doesnt get a bump on the kernel so i truly hope and wish that Andy changes his mind cause this firmware really is the best firmware ive used so far there is also OpenWRT for some of the newer models which would bump the kernel to 3.18.20, why not use their code Andy ?

  14. Tarnum

    I own two routers: very old Netgear R7000 (Aug 2013) and a brand new Asus RT-N56U_B1 (May 2015). I am very disappointed with my R7000. Especially after the new firmware (1.0.5, 1.0.6) was released by Netgear. The FW for Netgear R7000 was relatively stable but it does not meet modern requirements. I tried to use XWRT (Xvortex) FW with my R7000 and lost a lot of files on my external HDD (NTFS) because of this FW. :-( Currently I replaced R7000 with Asus RT-N56U_B1 with Andy's FW. I got absolutely best home router that I have ever seen! Many thanks to Andy for his firmware! Only now I realized that Broadcom was a hot and energy inefficient crap and throw it away! Thanks Andy! :+1:

  15. Andy Padavan repo owner

    RT-AC1200G/+ :Broadcom
    RT-AC1200 :MT7628 + MT7612E

    MT7628 is low cost APSoC. No HW_NAT.
    2.4GHz Radio like as MT7603E (via RBUS).

  16. Toast

    So Andy, are there any good AC models that you think of supporting thats worth getting ?(the faster the better)

  17. Tarnum

    @Toast RT-N56U_B1: 867Mbit/s on 802.11ac 5GHz band (only when using Andy's firmware) and 300Mbit/s 802.11n with total ~1167Mbit/s. At the moment, this is the best router on the market.

  18. Jeff Wischkaemper

    Andy -

    While it is true that the Xiaomi Mi Mini isn't fantastic from the standpoint of a main router to run at your house/business, it is excellent for a travel router. There are few if any other reasonably small routers on the market which are dual band and offer VPN support along with a relatively simple interface to connect to a wireless WAN. And the fact they can be purchased for USD$25 seals the deal.

    The xrmwrt port of your firmware is superior to OpenWRT for this application, but development appears to have stalled (there hasn't been a pull from your master branch in 2 months). I assume that it would be relatively minor to backport the xrmwrt changes into your codebase to enable support for the Mi Mini. Would that be possible?

  19. Toast

    no need to change status on every thread this is a good discussion thread that doesnt need to be locked down since new SoC will come sooner or later just not the Broadcom SoCs

  20. Matt Sephton

    I'm also interested in running Andy's firmware on Xiaomi 2- (mini) and 4-antenna (router 3) boxes.

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