For installation help, please refer to the file named INSTALL.

jQuery.xmastree is a jQuery-based Free Software designed to provide a "christmas
tree" style status indicator (as seen on-board submarines visually displaying
whether all hatches have been sealed and the ship is ready to submerge).

Normally this type of indicator is binary (true or false, open or closed) and
that is indeed what the included example data.json file outlining the format
assumes, but the xmastree script itself present no limitation in that regard.

In other words, given more entries in the "signs" array (data.json), these could
then be used as values in the "xmastree" array.

Some may wonder what application this script has, outside the rather limited
community of web-based submarine control interfaces, and the one example I can
provide is the reason I came up with the idea in the first place:

A friend hosted his WoW Guild site, and wanted an easy way to visualize whether
or not they needed more members of a certain class. Regrettably I didn't get
around to implementing the idea until long after he'd stopped needing it, but it
was a fun exercise so I did it anyway.

Hope you'll find a use for it :)