pip install django-email-services fails

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Piotr Kilczuk
created an issue
(_env)[piotr@piotr-amd du]$ pip search django-email-services
django-email-services     - A Django app providing email backends and respective service       objects for some of the most well known email services like Amazon SES and Critsend
(_env)[piotr@piotr-amd du]$ pip install django-email-services
Downloading/unpacking django-email-services
  Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement django-email-services
No distributions at all found for django-email-services
Storing complete log in /home/piotr/.pip/pip.log

And seems like there is really no releases on PyPI. Any chance to have this uploaded there soon?

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  1. Yorgos Pagles repo owner

    I've left it unmaintained for a long time (I've moved to new providers and didn't have the need for it anymore). You can always install from the repo. Uploading a new version would mean that I have to test it again against all providers and I doubt I'll find the time.

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