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Omelia Django Newsletter

This is a fork of using typical django email backends to send email.

Changes from the original application:

  • Support for migrations through South
  • Introduced the NEWSLETTER_EMAIL_BACKEND setting
  • django-dbtemplates is required
  • Support for django-eav. If in installed apps then it will be used

In order to use Amazon SES as an email backend the available django backends can be used:

Just install one of the backends and set:


Plans include usage of the statistics that various bulk email vendors provide through their APIs.

Although the initial application has been around for some time and is of proven quality, the modifications are still alpha quality.



These will be installed if you use for installing (i.e. pip or easy_install)

  • html2text
  • BeautifulSoup
  • vobject
  • xlwt
  • xlrd
  • tagging


  • django-eav
  • south


To run the tests:

python test omelia --settings=omelia.testsettings

or from within a project:

python test omelia --settings=omelia.testsettings


The name of the application comes from the Greek word for speech (ομιλία).

Recent activity

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