Yorgos Pagles committed d83f22c

Correct git repos

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 (global-linum-mode 1)
 (global-set-key "\C-x\C-m" 'execute-extended-command)
-(global-set-key (kbd "C-x C-b") 'ibuffer)
+(global-set-key (kbd "\C-x\C-b") 'ibuffer)
 (set-frame-font "Menlo-12")
 (setq el-get-sources
       '((:name cobalt-theme
                :type git
-               :url "")
+               :url "git://")
         (:name puppet_syntax-emacs
                :type git
                :url "git://")
         (:name auto-complete-golang
                :type git
                :url "git://")
+        (:name monky
+               :type git
+               :url "git://")
         (:name js2-mode
                :type git
-               :url "")))
+               :url "")))
-        highlight-indentation
-        monky))
+        highlight-indentation))
 (setq my:el-get-packages
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