pajinate / CHANGELOG.txt

Pajinate 0.2 (released 2010-04-22)

This version is a minor update. The following new feature were added:

	*	New option 'num_page_links_to_display' which determines how many page numbers to display in the navigation panel. 
		Default is 20.
	*	New option 'start_page' which determines which paginated page to display first. 
		Default is 0.
	*	New options 'nav_label_first', 'nav_label_prev', 'nav_label_next', 'nav_label_last' which determine the value of the labels in the navigation panel.
		Defaults are 'First', 'Prev', 'Next', 'Last'.
	*	New methods added to move the pages numbers shown in the navigation panel to the left or right if we want to move to a page not displayed in the page index list.
	*	New visual cues have been added which represent whether more page numbers exist but are not currently displayed in the index list. 
		The cues take the form of ellipses either on the left or right or both of the currently displayed page index numbers.
In addition to this the following items were fixed:

	*	Hiding and showing page items was enhanced in that instead of using 'display: block' to restore the visibility of an item, it is instead restored to have it's previous CSS
		'display' value.