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No force delete for object relations.

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         'child': twf.Form(
-                    twf.HiddenField(id='id'),
+                    twf.HiddenField(id='id', validator=twc.IntValidator),


     return obj
-def from_list(entity, objects, data):
+def from_list(entity, objects, data, force_delete=False):
     Update a list of mapped objects with data from a JSON-style nested dict/list
     for d in obj_map.values():
-        d.query.session.delete(d)
+        if force_delete:
+            # Only fully delete 'unreferenced' objects if explicitly told to do
+            # so.  You would *not* want to do this in a database of friends
+            # where sally and suzie stop being friends but you do not want suzie
+            # deleted from the database alltogether.
+            d.query.session.delete(d)
 def update_or_create(cls, data):


     def validated_request(cls, req, data):
-        utils.from_list(cls.entity, cls.entity.query.all(), data)
+        utils.from_list(cls.entity, cls.entity.query.all(), data,
+                        force_delete=True)
         if hasattr(cls, 'redirect'):
             return webob.Response(request=req, status=302, location=cls.redirect)
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