Problems with colons as ID separator

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doesn't work in css, it thinks they're pseudo classes configurable compound id separator - relies on global config

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  1. Ralph Bean

    Solving this in the general case is wild, since the *post_define* calls _gen_compound_id which requires the separator to be defined.

    post_define is *often* called before any middleware is stood up and the _gen_compound_id is an integral part of the post_define process.

    Here's an idea for a solution, you could use something like this - - to defer the loading of the id_separator from middleware until the last-last minute. The object used would have to behave like a string in all ways, but until it needs to actually be represented as a str it's just pretending. <-- Half-baked. :/

  2. paj reporter

    TW1 used an underscore. The problem is that if you then use an underscore in a widget's ID, it can cause ambiguity. For example, how does "form_grid_first_name" identify its parent ID? The idea of using a colon was to use a character that would not normally be used in a widget ID.

  3. Bruce Coble

    If the issue is about colons confusing CSS selection, then it at least has to be not-a-css-selector...and not a character that a developer would use for multi-word IDs (i.e. underscore, maybe hyphen)...$ is looking like an option...def can't use @%*()<>=+×÷:[]~ but I'm not sure about whether the old pipe | is another CSS-friendly option...

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