Duplicate TW Encoders.

Issue #92 resolved
Luke Macken
created an issue

There are 2 TW Encoders in the codebase, one of which looks like it is just copied wholesale from TW1.

https://bitbucket.org/paj/tw2core/src/e935651d2ab9/tw2/core/js.py#cl-20 https://bitbucket.org/paj/tw2core/src/e935651d2ab9/tw2/core/resources.py#cl-16

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  1. Ralph Bean

    This is insane. There are also two distinct sets of JS objects:

    • JSSymbol, JSFuncCall, and JSCallback <-- resources.py
    • js_symbol, js_function, and js_callback <-- js.py

    I know moksha and company use the js.py versions.

    tw2.jit and most of my windows use the resources.py versions.

    I actually need some input from the community on how to resolve this. One of them has got to go. Can we maintain backwards compatibility just by pointing one set of names at the other?

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