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The aim of Gedit Django Tools is to facilitate some actions routinely performed while developing in Django. (ie: runserver, syncdb etc.)

External Tools

A series of small scripts to be used in conjunction with the External Tools Plugin.

Currently Available Tools

  • Run Django Development server: Opens gnome terminal with runserver on default port.
  • Run SyncDB: Issues syncdb command. Usefull after adding new apps and models.
  • Start Django Project: Opens file browser so that you may select where to create the new project. Choose location and name the project.
  • Start Django App: Adds a new app in the current project.


A collection of snippets to normally used for Django development. Still pending... Suggestions are welcome.


Please bear in mind that I am both new to Python and Django development so any and all help / sugestions are most welcome.

I hope you find them usefull.

Have fun!