'a' not showing correctly

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John Rice created an issue

'a' only prints a circle character and not the baybayin character for 'a'.

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  1. Yahuhahan Yukia Sese Cuneta


    May I know the following:

    1. Distro and version:

    2. Flavor:

    3. Baybayin font installed (kindly attach the fonts)

    4. Go to: /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols and attach the file "ph"

    5. Which baybayin layout variant you are using:

    6. Did you install manually?

    7. Could also include a screenshot?

    Normally, this should not happen since the X11 XKB source for baybayin is included by default in the main Linux source. All distros should be pulling from the same source.

    But it doesn't hurt to be sure and check things out.

    Thank you.

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