Linux: ᜀ "a" not showing properly

Issue #2 invalid
Victor Harlan Lacson created an issue
  • when ᜀ "a" is ahead of any syllable causing all ᜀ "a" to be displayed to be unreadable on libre office
  • ᜀ "a" is unreadable on system default

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  1. Yahanan 'Yuki' Xie

    Hi Victor Harlan,

    Thank you for filing a bug report. While we understand that it appears to be a bug in the keyboard layout, I'm afraid that it is beyond the scope of the project. The keyboard layout only allows one to type Unicode characters, the "display" of such characters relies on [1] the font used; and [2] the software used.

    In any case, I tried to duplicate it on my end but it works fine. I suggest trying a different font or a different software to isolate which is causing the incorrect display. If it's on the software side, I would advise filing a bug to Libre Office in this case.

    I hope I was able to explain it and clarified the scope of the keyboard layout versus display issues.

    Thank you!

  2. Yahanan 'Yuki' Xie

    dev-note: Marked as invalid as it is a display issue which is outside of the scope of a keyboard layout. Advised reporter to try changing font as well as test in a different software to isolate the issue. If the latter, reporter was advised to file a bug in Libre Office.

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