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i use a debian testing. i installed last development version; if i try to use midi learn i receive this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/aldrin/components/rack.py", line 397, in on_learn_controller import controller ImportError: No module named controller

if i run aldrin directly from source directory (python main.py), i don't receive any error, but aldrin doesn't detect movement of knobs of my midi controller (i previously configured aldrin to use it).


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  1. jmmcd
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    My fixes last time fixed the superficial problem but midi was still not being learnt correctly.

    Well, now I've updated controller.py and rack.py, and the midi-learn works ok -- but aldrin segfaults if you close the rack, re-open it, and then move your controller. So I've checked-in my fixes with the actual midi-learn disabled.

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