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Synchronize Jacker with other Jack aware applications by adding support for the Jack transport interface. This way songs could be recorded in multiple passes and Jacker would be able to play in sync with previously recorded audio tracks.

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  1. jameskkerr

    The wiki states "preliminary JACK transport support" and a "sync" button on the toolbar, but the version I've pulled in the last week from Merc doesn't seem to have this button ... ?

  2. Anonymous

    Oh right, I had to look in Glade to find it. There's no icon or label or anything on it; it's invisible until you hover over it.

  3. Leonard Ritter repo owner

    sync does not include bpm, because Jacker and JACK have a slightly different way of tracking measures. You need to make sure both apps are using the same settings.

  4. Anonymous

    fix for the invisible icon: (sets icon as 'fast-forward')

    --- jacker-2010.9.21+ladi1.orig/ +++ jacker-2010.9.21+ladi1/ @@ -781,5 +781,6 @@ <property name="label">Sync</property> <property name="short_label">Sync</property> <property name="tooltip">Sync to JACK Transport</property> + <property name="stock_id">gtk-media-forward</property> </object> </interface>

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