Leonard Ritter


(Sandbox code, do not use productively!) Music Generator


"as-is" source code and assets for "Masagin", an invitation demo by Farbrausch / Neuro (released 2008)


A collection of tools for the SCons build system.


Eintopf is a Python-based framework for Linux and Win32 allowing rapid development of editors for any kind of multimedia asset. Its basic infrastructure provides a trait based typing system, supporting automatic undo/redo, serialization and event handling. A property view allows to browse, debug and edit any document item. The component system allows to mix different applications to build a holistic work flow.

Eintopf Audio

Eintopf Audio is an experimental collection of traits and implementations for writing music using the Eintopf framework.


(Sandbox code, do not use productively!) A collection of utility classes to streamline the writing of C++/Python hybrid apps.


Aldrin is an open source modular music sequencer/tracker for the GNU/Linux operating system.

Eintopf Game

Game engine modules for the Eintopf framework (discontinued).


A prototype for a Minecraft-like game engine in C++. Builds on Ubuntu. License is MIT.


The Introspective Data Model Library

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