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Bitcoin-node script

This is a script that will set up a Bitcoin node on a Debian server.

It is designed for a brand-new Debian install, preferably Jessie or Squeeze. It will try to upgrade to Jessie.

The wallet features will be disabled for security and performance reasons.

The script is idempotent.


  • At least 30 GB of storage
  • 512 MB of memory (swap should be OK)
  • Debian 6 to 8


Open a root SSH shell to your server. Type in:

bash -xeu

To view the status of your Bitcoin node:

su bitcoin -c 'bitcoind getinfo'

Verifying the script authenticity

See the VERIFY file.


If you like this script, please tip 1Md5kvYempaW3NkYxdYbFezL6mKg7QwERe.