Animation stopping and ponies "sliding"

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Issue #6 resolved
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Heyo! Thanks for converting Desktop Ponies to Browser Ponies! Great solution for Mac users ;) However, with the last update, ponies freeze after a few seconds and "slide" across the screen instead of using their walk cycles.

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  1. Mathias Panzenböck repo owner

    What browser do you use (and at which version and on what operating system)? Does it only happen on the website where you embed it or also on the Browser Ponies website?

    Could you open the JavaScript console and look if there are any errors logged? Chrome: Tools -> JavaScript console, Firefox: Web Developer -> Web Console, IE8 -> F12 and I'm sure there is a way to get the console under Safari and Opera.

  2. Mathias Panzenböck repo owner
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    Hmm, I could reproduce it with Firefox version 11.0. Are you sure your Firefox version didn't change? After all, it automatically updates these days. I could not figure out why Firefox does this. Chrome and Opera work fine for me.

  3. Mathias Panzenböck repo owner

    Ok, I found the problem. Apparently a old Firefox bug reappeared. When you change the src attribute of an img element from one animated GIF to another and the two GIFs have a different size the animation will freeze. I fixed it by replacing the img element with a new one every time the src changes (only for Gecko based browsers).

    You might need to manually reload browserponies.js before the fix becomes effective for you: (open and refresh)

    Fixed in changeset: baa555a49f15

    See also:

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    Excellent! I works great now! Yes, I was using Firefox 11.0. Refreshing the javascript page did the trick. Thanks a bunch!

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