Mathias Panzenböck avatar Mathias Panzenböck committed a59b4dc

don't load move_and_resize.js on touch devices

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 // If installed as Chrome app window.moveTo and window.resizeTo are not blocked
 // and it makes sense to implement custom move/resize so the player can be used
 // without window decoration. This does not work for Firefox apps, though.
-if ((!window.matchMedia || window.matchMedia("not handheld").matches) &&
+if (!Magnatune.BrowserFeatures.TouchDevice &&
+	(!window.matchMedia || window.matchMedia("not handheld").matches) &&
 	$.window.outerHeight() - $.window.innerHeight() < 62 && && && {
   "name": "GreattunePlayer",
   "subdomain": "greattuneplayer",
-  "version": "0.1.0-157",
+  "version": "0.1.0-159",
   "author": "Mathias Panzenböck",
   "description": "This is a HTML5 audio player based on the music from",
   "bin": {
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