Mathias Panzenböck avatar Mathias Panzenböck committed 8dbd28d

bump version and print right option name in demo

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 		var opt = parser.options[name];
 		if (!( in displayed)) {
 			var value = data.options[];
-			console.log('\t'': '+ (value === undefined ?
+			console.log('\t'+opt.names[0]+': '+ (value === undefined ?
 				value : opt.stringify(value)));
 			displayed[] = true;


 	"name": "parseopt",
 	"license": "LGPL 2.1+",
     "author": "Mathias Panzenböck <>",
-    "version": "1.0.0-1",
+    "version": "1.0.0-2",
 	"description": "Advanced command line option parser.",
 	"main": "./parseopt",
-	"keywords": ["option", "parser", "command-line", "cli", "terminal"],
+	"keywords": ["option", "parser", "command-line", "cli", "terminal", "getopt", "opts", "args"],
 	"repository": {
 		"type": "hg",
 		"url": "",
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