Benji York avatar Benji York committed a45c1d6

work around a nasty KDE debug message generated when we don't provide a parent window

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 # cursor anywhere in the version list and (in normal mode) type "vip:sort"
 # without the quotes.)
+distribute = 0.6.14
 setuptools = 0.6c11
 z3c.recipe.scripts = 1.0.1
 zc.buildout = 1.5.2


     # KDE wants us to instantiate an application object.
     app = qt_module.QApplication([])
+        window = QtGui.QWidget()
         kwallet = kwallet_module.openWallet(
-            kwallet_module.NetworkWallet(), kwallet_module.Synchronous)
+            kwallet_module.NetworkWallet(),
+            window.winId(),
+            kwallet_module.Synchronous)
         if kwallet is not None:
             if not kwallet.hasFolder('Python'):
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